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Welcome the BMG Blog Page

Here you can find out about news products, read tips and find out more about us. 

You can read out latest blog here and click on the side bar to read more.




Batteries from a Business You Can Trust

We are committed to sustainability and helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint. To complement our battery offerings, we now provide a convenient battery recycling service.


Tips for Getting Through Blue Monday in Your Office

It’s well known that ‘Blue Monday’ is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. 

So with it approaching fast this year, here are a few ideas that will give you an opportunity to raise a few smiles and give your team members a boost on “most depressing day of the year”.


BMG Festive Opening

Our office will be closed over the Christmas period from midday on Friday 22 December through to Wednesday 3 January 2024 to allow us to enjoy some time with our families and friends. 


Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter weather conditions can change very quickly, especially here in Scotland, so making sure you are prepared is vital. Here are the rules we follow.


2024 Diaries & Wall Planners

Now that we are are almost two thirds of the way through 2023, we know a lot of our customers are starting to make plans for next year.

That’s why, we have now have our 2024 diaries and planners in stock.


Ten Office Supplies Every Business Needs

It’s important that you purchase the office supplies that are relevant to your business and helpful to your employees.

So, we've put together this guide of the top 10 office supplies we think everyone needs.


New to BMG - Yo Yo Pods

If you're looking for a flexible, comfortable and moveable option for meetings in your office, we have it for you at BMG.


Office Furniture Super Deduction Tax Break

Time is running out for businesses to re-shape their offices and invest in new office furniture using the the Government's Super Tax Deduction Scheme. Don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of this incentive and make your workspace a better place for everyone.


BMG Confidential Waste Shredding Service

If you would like to know more about this service and our multiple bag discount, please call Patti on 0131 346 1494 or email our office on sales@bmgoffice.co.uk.


5 New Year Resolutions for Your Business in 2023

We know you will all have big plans for your businesses and getting the basics right will help you make these work. That’s why we’ve put together this list to start you on your way to reaching your 2023 aims and goals.

BMG Christmas Opening Times

We will be closed over the Christmas period from Friday 23rd December 2022 through to Wednesday 4th January 2023 to spend time with our families and friends....


Tips for Moving Offices Without Losing Productivity

We know that moving office can be disruptive for your team and your businesses productivity.  From experience in helping our customers we have learnt there are steps you can take during the planning of your move to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible....


BMG Christmas Cards & Gifts

Our personalised and branded Christmas cards are a great way to let your customers know that you are thinking of them while reminding them of your business....


Working During the World Cup

With the majority of the years World Cup games taking place during offices hours, we know many of our customers are offering flexible working hours for their staff allowing them to work around the games. We also know a few of them are showing the games in their boardroom for their teams to watch.

This got us thinking about some of the office supplies and furniture that will make the whole experience more comfortable AND fun, making it a real team building experience....


Alternatives to Single Use Plastics from BMG

We all know how important it is, especially just now, to look after our planet and use eco friendly products when possible.  Cutting out single use plastics is a good place to start and even easier than ever....


Is it Time to Freshen Up Your Office?

If you're back in the office, full or part time, and are looking to freshen up the space, upgrade your furniture or replace your printers, we have everything you need. BMG are committed to providing the best customer service and office products at competitive prices....


Stationery Facts to Impress Your Colleagues

Ahead of National Stationery Week, we’ve put together some stationery facts that you can use to impress your colleagues and friends.

Paper Costs and Supplies

Rising fuel prices and the current situation in Russia and Ukraine are affecting the supply and price of many products, including paper.


Workwear and Safety Clothing from BMG

Ideal for keeping your employees safe when at work, our range can also help your business promote a more corporate and professional look.


Hybrid Working
If your business is planning on integrating home and office working, here are five tips that will help ensure a smooth transition for you and your staff. 


BMG Christmas Opening Times

We will close on Thursday 23 December 2021 through to Wednesday 5 January 2022 for us all to spend some time with our friends and family. 


Christmas Cards and Printed Materials

Our Personalised and Branded Christmas Cards were extremely popular last year so we have brought them back again for 2021. They are a great way to let your customer know that you are thinking of them and appreciate their business.


Hi-Viz Workwear From BMG

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 states that employers must provide appropriate protective clothing and equipment for their employees.  We stock a full range of hi-vis fleeces, overalls, aprons, headwear, t-shirts, jackets trousers and waistcoats in a wide range of colours and fits so whatever your employees need, we have it for you.


Planning for 2022

Now that we are almost into autumn, we know a lot of our customers are starting to make plans for 2022. That's why we have all our diaries and planners in stock ready for you. 

Return to the Office

Here at BMG, we know there is no going back to the pre-pandemic workplace. 

Businesses need to be taking steps to decide how their workplace will look when they welcomed their employees back.


Plastic Free July

Communities here in Scotland and around the world are rightly concerned about the amount of plastic that is ending up in landfill and polluting our oceans.

So this month for Plastic Free July, we are highlighting some of our biodegradable products so you can do your bit to use less plastic and help protect our plant.


5 Tips For Using a Laptop in the Sun

Many of us have been trying to work outdoors this week but seeing your screen in the sun can be tricky. So, we’ve put together this list of tips so you can work outdoors - at least some of the summer.

Printing Services from BMG

Many of you will know that BMG can provide you with your office supplies, equipment and furniture but did you know we also offer a branding and print service?


Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, here are some tips for you ane your employees to maintain a healthy mind and workplace.


Earth Day 2021

Our environmentand planets well being is important to us at BMG which is why we stock a huge range of recycled products and also work with Forest Carbon to plant trees to offset our paper sales


Ready for Re-Opening

We know this is a busy time for our customers, preparing for re-opening and getting all the supplies you need to do so. We’re here to help you get over this last hurdle and get moving again with a list of essentials for you.


Office Organising Ideas For Better Productivity

Organising your office space helps you to simplify, streamline and focus. Clients often ask us about the best ways to keep their offices organised. Here are some of the tips that we give them.


Clear Roll Up Screens 

Clear roll-up banners are becoming very popular with our customers as they think about re-opening their premises. They are ideal for numerous businesses including schools, shops, hairdressers, offices, restaurants and waiting rooms.


BMG Company Updated - Feb 2021

There are many factors that continue to challenge our businesses as we move forward into this new year.
None are more important than the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners, especially as the global pandemic remains present.

We are also navigating our way through product supply changes brought on by both Brexit and increased input costs.

As a customer of BMG, we would like keep you fully informed of our progress on these three important issues.


BMG Working from Home Best Sellers

With working from home continues to be the way forward in 2021 we've put together some of our top selling home working items to give you a taster of our range.


Home Schooling Again

We're now into week two of home schooling part two.

If its feels like a chore for you and you are struggling to balance everything that needs done and to get into a routine we have a few tips for you. 


Covid-19 Testing Kits

BMG can now help you to ensure your friends, family and colleagues are safe by supplying you with Covid-19 Test Kits. 

Our Panodyne Covid-19 test kits are 98% accurate and can confirm if you have the virus in just 15 minutes.


Open for you this January

Following the weekends announcements, we are pleased to advise you all that we will be opening after the festive break on 5 January as planned to provide essential products to our customers.


How to make your 'to do’ list work for you

If you're looking to be more organised in the New Year, here's some tips from us on how to make a 'to-do' list work for you.


Christmas Opening Times

We will be taking some time off over Christmas with our families and the BMG office will be closed from 24 December to 5 January. If you are looking to place an order for delivery this year, the last day for ordering will be 18 December. 


Christmas as BMG

This month, to celebrate the end of this crazy year and to spread a bit of Christmas cheer, we’re holding a prize draw for all our customers.


Branded Christmas Cards

Did you know we can provide you with personalised Christmas Cards for you customers?

What better way to remind customers, old and new, that you’re thinking of them at the end of this difficult year and you are there to help them in 2021.


Winter Essentials from BMG

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and it won’t be long before we need to start scrapping our windscreens in the morning and gritting the front of our premises.

Here at BMG, we have everything you need to get you through these winter months.


A thank you to our Customers 

To celebrate our new ordering system now being fully in place, we’re giving everyone that places an order with us during November a treat. 

NEW - Foldable Space Saving Desks

Perfect for anyone that is short on space, works from home, works in a studio and only needs to work at a desk occasionally or has a portable beauty business.

These fold up desks are sturdy, need no tools to put up, are lightweight and even have a handle to make them easy to move around.


Diaries, Wall Planners and Calendars from BMG

If you want to get ahead of the game and start your new year planning, BMG now have everything in stock that you need to be organised in 2021


Workwear from BMG

Now that we are getting into Autumn, the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, if you’re staff work outdoors, you want to make sure they are warm, safe, protected from the elements and that they can be seen on dark and miserable days.


Safe and Germ Free with BMG

Keeping safe and germ free is still very much top of everyone’s thoughts at the moment.
At home, at work, in shops, surgeries, bars and restaurants.
Washing your hands and using hand sanitisers is great but is it enough?

We have a range products in stock that can help you make your premises even safer for your team and customers.


How to Maintain Your Mental Health While Working from Home

Many of us have discovered over the last few months that working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds or as fun as we had thought. 


Team BMG

Read our lockdown story


The New Esssentials

Here's our list of things you will need for your business in 'The New Normal'


Extended Home Working? Here’s How To Get Comfortable


Zoono Sanitising Germ Protection Spray

BMG are delighted to now be stocking Zoono sanitising germ protection spray.

Ideal for any business that want to help keep their team and customers safe. It’s just what you need for re-opening your premises.


Preparing your Business for Post Lockdown

With Phase 2 of the way out of Lockdown approaching and businesses now opening or thinking about re-opening, we’ve put together a list of the essential PPE you may need to help contain the spread of Coronavirus over the coming months


Are your business premises ready for the 'New Norm'?

As we head toward the ‘new normal’ with talk of shops, offices and food outlets re-opening, is your business ready for the changes ahead?


Working from home

Working from home is something many of us are trying to get used to at the moment and for many it can be a daunting.  
That’s why, we've put together these these tips for help make this a little simpler.  


Standing Desks

Find out about the health and productivity benefits of a standing desk.

Our favourite apps to help you work from home

Tech is more important than ever at the moment with so many people workng from home and unable to meet up with their colleagues and friends. We've rounded up some of our favourite apps to make working from home that little bit easier.